Unable to add library i created in studio

Quick Library

When i try to add custom package i created i am getting these error. We have detected dependency cycles installation cannot continue


Could you please paste here the error. after click on copy to clipboard



Nothing is visible after clicking on copy to clipboard

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What custom package you are trying to import?

and what is the version of studio you are using?

please answer the above questions so that you would get better help from forum. thanks.

and also try deleting the project.json file from your project folder and open your project through main.xaml will help you to resolve this error some times. please try and let us know. thanks


Quick Library(Library with excel activities). This i am trying to import.

Studio 2021.10.4

deleted the project.json file from my project folder and opened project through main.xaml but same error is coming

just want to replicate the issue. i am not able to find out this package in every where in the feed. could you pls specify the full name or exact name of the package or share is screenshot.

if the package in the uipath market place share us the link.

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Your library might refer to itself. So can you share dependencies of your library? (As we cannot check information of dependencies in the above image.)



Thank you for sharing. Can you share dependencies as nupkg as the following image (red arrow)?

Or if possible, can you share your nupkg as file?


The error seems pretty clear. You used the library inside itself. A library cannot be a dependency of itself.

yes i used library inside itself. I should use the library i created in another process.

I am able to install library in another process.


You cannot use libraries inside themselves. Why would you even do this? It doesn’t make any sense.