Unable to add 2 data tables


I want to add 2 data tables of same columns. i tried to add row in for each activity it is throwing error “This row belongs to another table” how to resolve that error, any other ways to add 2 data tables

Thanks in advance

Usually we won’t be able to add with same column name or same column structure
May I know why do we need to do so
Cheers @sunilch

Every day i get the data now im keeping it in Data table. i have to add that data to gsheet. my intention is read the data in gsheet and club both the tables and update the gsheet.

any better approach to add the data table to gsheet.

use the activity Add Data Row but populate the Property ArrayRow like this {row(0), row(1),…}

@bcorrea: Thank you it worked. However if we are a not aware columns size (or) huge no of columns then it would be tough. It would be great if uipath the activity.

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