Unable to activate UIPATH Community Edition

Hi Guys,

I am trying to install UIPATH Community Edition 2019.9.2 (stable version) but getting the below error when I click on Activate Community Edition.

Activation failed with error: 1030
Error description: Operation failed due to a network connection error. Please check your Internet connection or retry. If the problem persists please contact us here.
License status: -

Device ID: None
Computer: SOURITYA
User Name: Souritya

If I click on Acquire License from Orchestrator, I get the below error.

Could not obtain license. Please check Robot connection to Orchestrator or activate a local license.

I then tried to connect the desktop robot to the Orchestrator but then the below error message pops up.

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

I deleted the entire UIPATH folders/files from my system and re-installed it again but the issue still persists.

The activate.uipath.com page works for me but license.uipath.com page shows a wrong credential error while I try to login.

I’ve browsed through the related threads concerning the same topic in this forum but none were of much help.

Request your assistance in this regard.



Check your firewall and proxy settings before activating license.

@SourityaDas - Do you use enterprise in that system before community. If not then disable firewall and antivirus then try to install if you are in office then use open network to install it.
Hope it helps.


Hi @anmolk171 & @sarathi125

I am not using any proxy and have tried installing it with firewalls disabled but to no avail.
I haven’t used Enterprise before and this is for my personal system, not office. Have tried using a different network too but nothing is working.


Due to a proxy virus setting, the server address was continually being assigned to

Had to remove the proxy setting by going to regedit --> Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings and then delete ProxySettingPerUser.

Tried activating again and it worked!!!

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