Unable to activate UiPath after installation

I´m trying to launch the tool after installation but am unable to open it, the error that I get is:
Error: Autofac.Core.DependencyResolutionException: An exception was thrown while activating UiPath.Studio.Shell.SourceControl.ProjectItemsStatusListener → UiPath.Studio.Shell.Services.ProjectService → UiPath.Studio.Analytics.Contracts.IAnalyticsContextProvider.

It looks like my access key is denied. Any ideas what I can do?

Hi @Anna_Kristin_Hjaltalin_Ag ,
You can try running the application with elevated rights (administrator) after restarting your machine. If that does not work, try uninstalling the application completely and launch the installer with elevated rights.

If you still can’t get the issue resolved, give details like the version you are trying to install, OS details etc in the forum.

Uninstalled the app and installed again, restarted the computer. Still same error message.

The version is 21.10.7
Trying to install the app on Windows 11 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Hi @Nguyen_Van_Luong1, this looks a bit like an internal issue with privilege. Can you try to open the Studio using elevated rights (as an Admin)?
PS. Was the Studio installed using elevated rights as well?