Unable to Access Folder Error

I have a process running that has intermittent issues trying to access a SharePoint folder on our network to pick up a file.

Running on it’s regular schedule of each hour, the process will most often receive the message “UnauthorizedAccessException: [System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path ‘\xxx.xxxx.com\sareas\acct\JV Submission Library’ is denied.” This does not happen every time; some times it does work.

Logging on to the robot server using the same login as that used to log on to the UIPath Robot service, I was able to create documents in that folder (tested with MS Word, MS Excel, Notepad), and was also able to copy an existing file into the folder, so the access for the robot should be fine.

This folder has a mapped drive on the server as well, using the robot’s login. It appears fine.

Any suggestions? Especially frustrating as the process will work fine on some runs, and then get the unauthorized access exception on other runs.