Unable to access boxes in UiPath

I have a problem where clicking on a box causes the text to disappear. Clicking again brings it back but I cannot select any box in the workflow.

Hi @bnadler004

Could you provide a screenshot of the box and its selector from the UiExplorer?

This is not a selector issue. Cannot “select” boxes inside of UiPath that contain text. It worked fine early this morning. When I select a box that contains text, i.e., inside an Assign function or an Excel Application Scope, the text disappears. If I click again, the text returns.

Och! Could you maybe record a video of the bahaviour?

It seems like reinstalling could help. I suppose it happens on all projects, even the new ones?

Could you maybe provide a Studio version and the UiAutomation activity package version?

Disappearing text.pdf (30.8 KB)

By the way, this is a new install. Maybe it wasn’t good.

I did an uninstall and reinstall. Still have the problem

i’ve had this problem randomly before after using send hotkeys. try pressing random ctrl and alt keys etc. on your keyboard and then try to open the box. sometimes uipath doesn’t ‘unclick’ the keys.

Thanks for the input. It turned to be an error in one of the dependency files.

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Actually, it was the jason file referring to a dependency file incorrectly.

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