Unable to access any course to learn in Academy

Hey Guys,

When I click on courses to learn, I see the message “You don’t have access to this content”. Can you please let me know if I need to do any step before I can access the material? Thanks.

Hi! welcome to community!

I hope you have already login to the Academy.uipath.com.

If not please sign up and log in to the site.

Course 1.

Course 2.

Course 3.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, I had registered myself like couple of years back and had logged in many times and had completed various courses before successfully. I am able to successfully login to academy but now, when I click any course, I see below error. Can you help?


If you have already enrolled just follow the steps

1.Navigate to MyDashboard
2.My Learning plans uncheck the Hide Completed

Now you can able to see the courses which you’ve already completed.

@loginerror can you help/Guide him to access the courses?


Hi @Siddarth_Nair

Could you please create a ticket with our Academy Support via this form?


Thanks @loginerror . I have raised a ticket yesterday but haven’t received any reply yet from the team. Can you help expedite this please? Thanks!

Case # 01355430. Just FYI. Thanks!

Hi @Siddarth_Nair

Sorry for a late reply. I’ve contacted our team and I was informed that the issue has been fixed in the meantime :slight_smile:


Thank You @loginerror !

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