Unable read excel which have same Tracking number

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Im having issue which is I need to compare two value from one excel to another excel, example: Excel A have two tracking number with same difference SSID number, Uipath need to compare tracking number and SSID number if match found, need to insert into column CD to column CF. the issue is when i use LookUp range, it unable to read second tracking number. can anyone help me on this.!



@Lugkenish In LookupRange activity Range which you are providing is only one K cell, you should use range like “K”+startIndex+“:K”+endIndex

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The LookUp Range ("“K” + SrValue.ToString+“:K” +(i +1).ToString + “”)

SrValue will be strating range
i will be the last row of the Excel B(which i search for tracking number)

I refer to this video:

@Lugkenish If you are using correct range then can you check manually if 2nd value exists in that range

Do you have any example to show to me, l’m confused with Lookup Range which have same tracking number is excel. My objective is to read both tracking number and cell number.

@Lugkenish LookUp Range looks a value provided Input and check whether that value exists in provided Range. If value matches it returns the cell address(if multiple matches then it will only return the first match cell address only) otherwise blank

Hi @Arpit_Kesharwani ,

How about Lookup Range unable to find tracking number from second excel? because im getting error if Uipath unable to find the tracking number in second excel. By default it should be null value.

@Lugkenish For the second item is it range correct? Can you please print it by writeline or message box

Hi @Arpit_Kesharwani,

yes, it correct, it always stop at row number 139, im not sure why.

This error due to infinite loop.Robot unable to stop the process, so robot come out with exception. Please check your loop condition

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