Ultracs Banking system with UIpath


Does anyone has done automation on Ultracs banking system, it looks like the mainframe.
I have to do a very high-level time estimation but do not know how complex it is.


Hi @jelin

I have not automated that system. However, since it is something like mainframe screen, you can just give a quick try with the community edition by installing uipath terminal activities package. Just do a little terminal activity workflow for the system and see how you can play around with it…

Since it is mainframe if I rate it, I would rare it as “medium-high” complexity

@Jelin - high level estimations are based on project/solution complexity.
Try to do a quick a small poc to check the element selectors and functionalities (which is similar to web or windows ) with in the ultracs system. Based on that you can define the complexity on story/work.

I can say with latest studio with computer vision - will help you to identify the elements with less human efforts.