<Ultra Urgent>How to get images in body of outlook in web or app version both. IFanybody can help?

Please Note: I am getting images in virtual machines/RDC installed outlook but not in normal outlook app that we use
What needs to be done to get the image in web/app version both…so that receiver gets to see the image. Please help

Hi @anjasing ,

Is there any error coming in normal outlook app??
You can refer the below links

Add image to body of email - Learn / Academy Feedback - UiPath Community Forum

Hi File is there only…and in RDC outlook its showin perfectly fine. BUt local outlook it’s giving this issue


It seems from the local outlook the image is not accessible , Is the path of that particular image accessible from local machine , if not we can move the image to a shared location where both local and Virtual machines have access and test the same

Hello @anjasing ,

Please verify the image path. If it is locally available in one machine and if you try to view it in another machine it will throw this error.

I am just sending email from RDC (BOT1 email id)outlook to both my BOT present in RDC along with local outlook app mail ID
It has nothing to do with local image path