UiStudio Where are my favourites?

Going through the level 1 revamped learning materials and getting to the last lesson 13 I had built up a great set of favourites in my UiStudio Activities panel, of all the activities that I had been using and would probably be using in the future.

Today they disappeared, and I’m back to Assign, Sequence and Write line I don’t know why they disappeared. This isn’t the first time this has happened when I’ve had a great set of favourites set up.

Does anyone know how the favourites hook up to UiStudio, can they be saved and why they would disappear (it’s very frustrating!).

Hi Charlie,

Even I had experienced this long back. Still am not aware of the root cause [Might be Update of studio :thinking:]. We have a file Favorites.Xml in ...local\appdata\uipath\ in V16.2 where we can find the list of activities set as favorites.

As a workaround, I used to copy the file and paste it in some other directory and place it in the location whenever this happens.

Hope we find a solution for this until then my suggestion will be an alternate.

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@Dominic you are a star when I build up a decent set of favourites I’ll take a copy many thanks.

Hi @charliefik

Did you notice losing your Favourites after upgrade?

Hi @ovi,

Sorry don’t know if it was after an upgrade or not (I didn’t do any manual update). I shut down my open studio’s and opened up a worked example from the revamped level 1 training. There may have been an update that occurred (if they are automatic) sorry can’t be more help.

I think you ve started the installer and not the studio itself :slight_smile:

Hi Gabriel,

II’m not sure how I would have activated the installer as I would have double clicked on the xaml of the worked example to open it.

Can you tell me how to activate the installer in case that is what I did (by accident) so I don’t do it again (if that is what happened)

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If it’s what Gabriel said, you could create a shortcut from %localappdata%\UiPath\UiStudio.exe and remember that this file always opens the latest version. So it doesn’t matter if it upgrades automatically you will keep your Favourites and other settings.

Also, keep in mind that the installer for CE is called UiPathStudioSetup.exe.

Thanks for that. In the case of downloaded workflows I always just click on them to open them up. Other than that if I want to open UiStudio I have an icon in my taskbar that opens UiStudio for me when I’m working on my own stuff. (I’m not sure how to check what thats pointing to when it runs but I assume it’s the exe file as I’m pretty sure it was added when I originally installed Studio)

I’ll keep a backup file of my favorites out of the uipath folder (just in case) and will try to be more aware next time what I was doing when it happened.

Yes, that’s great, Clark!

Please let me know if it happens again and you didn’t open the installer: UiPathStudioSetup.exe so we can investigate and see if it’s a real issue.


Hi, reviving this thread as I am experiencing the same thing as of recent.

I am on the current version of UiPath Studio (2018.2.4) and I frequently lose my favorites. My executable is located at “C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio”. I don’t have the above-mentioned “UiStudio.exe” in my localappdata folder. I do, however see the favorites .xml file here.

I feel for you @tBugbee just keep a copy of the favourites file whenever you add new items (somewhere outside of UiPath folder as this can be completely erased if you force a reinstall (I did for the 18.3 beta and all my old versions completely disappeared along with my backup favourites file).

Funnily enough I am currently working on a project where the laptops are locked down so you can’t write to the c: drive so I lose my favourites every time I close Studio which makes me sad!

Hi !

I’m facing the same issue but it happens not very often.
I’ve noticed that will mostly occurs when I’m opening multiple instences of Studio to work on multiple projects in the same time.

If I put an activity in “favorites” in one instence, it doesn’t refresh the list in others. And I think that the favorites resets when I close all the intances in the wrong order.

I hope it can help you to track this issue.

I’m working with UIPath studio 2018.2.3

Hi @Boaepa,

I’m pretty sure the favourites are tied to whichever version of Studio you shut down last (if you have multiple instances open at once) which is fair enough as you have the choice to remove items from favourites as well as add so there has to be a way of determining the version of favourites that you want to keep. So if you add any new items make sure every other studio instance is shut down before the one with your new activities.

What i’ve done because i constantly experience issue with it getting reset, is to move it to a network drive and then create a symbolic link to it. Since then i haven’t had issues for some reason. I think it’s because the symbolic link refuses to get overwritten by a normal file, so I think this is what is preventing it from being reset, but i’m not 100% sure. Best part is that UI Path works fine and if you edit the fav list in studio it will update the file, no issues, even across versions 18.3.0 to 18.3.1

In CMD do:
mklink “%localappdata%\UiPath\Favorites.xml” “\\your\network\location\Favorites.xml”

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