UiRobotSvc on Community Edition




I have tried to get the UiPath Community edition to run as a service to test the login functionality as in unattended robot. I have tried to assign the \AppData…\UiRobot.exe to start as a service with the arguments from the robot.uipath.com without any success. The service does not seem to be installed with the Community package. Has anyone been succesful with this kind of setup? Is this even possible to test the Community edition as unattended?


Indeed, that is a limitation for the Community Edition. In this case the service is running under your user.
Have you tried connecting the robot to Orchestrator(https://platform.uipath.com), deploy your process and start/schedule a job from there? You have two available NonProduction robots that you can provision that have the same functionalities as the Unattended ones, but for testing purposes only.



I have tried to provision the robots from the Platform and it is running fine when I start the UiRobot manually. However, I would like to test the functionality and working without touching the workstation after the reboot.


Then you should request to download the Studio trial(.msi file) in order to be able to view and test all UiPath functions in an unrestricted fashion(60 days).
Make sure to use the company email.


Okay! So the Community is only for testing the attended automation?