UiRobot Settings being lost

Hello everyone,

It seems that after some process executions, my UiRobot settings are being lost and I don’t know why. It looks like it erases all of the information and I have to fill it over and over again. This behavior results on Job State changed to Pending as you can see:

@ovi, special help required :tired_face:


After you fill it and save do you get any errors? Is this a CE Robot (the one that comes with Studio) or do you have it separately installed on a machine?

cc. @andreiT

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No, I don’t get any errors after it’s filled. This is not a CE robot, It’s a development robot which is being used to run those processes. They are installed on a separated machine. This behavior started to happen after I updated it to version 2018.4.1.

Is this something related to the robot type? It should be an unattended robot maybe? It ran 2 times without any problem and on the third one it erased the robot settings.

As you can see, it ran seven times before erasing the UiRobot settings.

Check to see if your UiRobot connection history are being written to the %localappdata%\UiPath\UiAgent.settings file. I’d assume an error would be thrown, but may be it isn’t saving due to permissions or some such scenario.


In addition to what @codemonkee said, please also check the Windows event viewer > Windows Logs > Application and see if there are any UiPath errors there.
It seems that your connection to Orchestrator gets disconnected for some reason.

Are you in some sort of environment that deletes the user’s folder after you log out ? Like a non-persistent VDI ?


Hi @codemonkee and @andreiT,

I restarted the server and it seems that it has been solved, but I couldn’t figure it out how. (something common in our profession :joy:).


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