UiRobot Service not licensing to Orchestrator (19.10.18) using Modern Robot (Auto provisioned)


I wanted to see if anyone has run into this issue before or might have some suggestions on some debugging configuration that could be enabled to troubleshoot it more effectively.

A bit of background I have a private instance (Orchestrator 19.10.18 & Studio/Robot 19.10.4) that is working as expected with a mix of Classic and Modern Robots for Unattended, NonProduction, & Studio connected to a domain using Domain Groups/Users. I’ll refer to this one as the Legacy instance as I am working to migrate to some new infrastructure.

For the migration to the New instance, the design mostly stays the same, the only thing that has been retained from Legacy has been the database as a backup. The database has been restored to a new SQL Server and Orchestrator 19.10.18 is freshly installed.

The issue I am running into when using a Modern Robot is it not being able to license the Robot. The following status are seen.

Connected, Licensing
Acquiring license from Orchestrator...

followed by

Connected, Unlicensed
The operation has timed out.


and the Modern Robot is never displayed under Monitoring > Robots

If I go ahead and make an Classic Robot for the same user, The robot is licensed immediately

Connected, Licensed
Robot is connected to Orchestrator

I can switch the same client UiRobot to the Legacy Orchestrator using a Modern Robot, Same Machine Template Key, etc and it connects and licenses without issue.


There are no errors that standout in the Event Viewer for Orchestrator or Robot that are not already present whether the Robot connects successfully or not.

I’ve opened a Support Case and waiting to hear back, but thought I would check with the community as well. The only major difference between the Legacy and New instance is the move from Windows Server 2016 to 2019, but as I can connect with a Classic Robot I wouldn’t think there is a change between OS versions that would cause any issues.


I’ve been able to successfully replicate the issue and it seems to trace back to the Domain integration changes in 19.10 with a couple patches after 19.10.15, currently running 19.10.19.

The underlining issue is due to how the Domain caching mechanism currently functions and takes a few minutes to complete due to a few forests that UiPath does not have permissions to query (~5 of them). This is observed typically with the first login to the Web UI after the cache TTL has expired.

The same underlining issue appears to affect Modern Robots as well producing the following error after connection is established.

Connected, Unlicensed
The operation has timed out.

Work around:

  1. Login via Web UI to allow the cache to refresh, then connect the UiRobot. Minimize the affect by extended the TTL in the Web.Config (default is 1 hour)
  2. Use Classic Robots as they do not have this issue

Support case has been opened, and waiting to connect with the next tier support team.