UiRobot run in different users in same machine

I have a doubt on the UiRobot run.
I install UiRobot(Enterprise edition) to my RDP. The system contains multiple users. I login to the system account User1 and install UiRobot. I publish a process to UiRobot in the User1 account. Then I disconnect RDP and try login as User2. From user2 account can I run Process published in UiRobot?

Hope i understand this correct :slight_smile:

The answer is yes, but you need an liscens for both robot on User1 and User2

UiRobot license based on machine or account in a machine(Is it 1 license per machine or 1 license per account).

Can I use UiRobot in different user accounts?

Hi @Linto

Also see here for more information:

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