UIRobot.exe looks like it is crashing on start

Hi everyone,

I am a newbie to uipath, a week to be exact. I have managed to automate ui tasks, so far so good. Now I am getting into UIRobot & Orchestrator. I have the community edition.

I managed to find UIRobot.exe in C:\Users<userprofile>\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-21.4.3. When i start it, a screen seems to open and close real quick. I do not see it in my system tray as well. So i am not sure how to troubleshoot this.

I am using a windows 10 machine with UIPath Studio 2021.4.3 Enterprise Trial License.

I read here that I may not need it to connect to orchestrator so i am slightly confused as well.

Thank you in advance.

Can you tell me what you are trying to do?
Do you want to run unattended tasks by a robot or do you want to publish your projects to orchestrator and being able to run the projects as an attended user?

First things first. Did you configure your Orchestrator? Tenant, folder, machines, robots ? Or do you need guidance on that?

On your local computer you don’t need the UiRobot.exe you can use the UiPath Assistant for that. you can find that one in your windows start menu.

If you want to run your projects on a separate machine like an unattended robot, you have to setup a virtualmachine or remote computer first.

After you have configured your Orchestrator and machine, you can connect your local UiPath assistant to Orchestrator with the machinekey you created in Orchestrator and with the Orchestrator url UiPath
change TENANT with your tenantname

For example like this:

At that point your local computer is connected to Orchestrator.

Just let me know where you get stuck so i can guide you through it.


It looks like I have Orchestrator setup.

No, I do not have machine setup. I am having trouble finding that tab on Orchestrator, though i did briefly see it somewhere yesterday. I just can’t seem to find it now.

What I am trying to do is first understand the requirements/process of deploying the automation project i have done so far on another system. I want to know how to do it for both cases i.e. attended & unattended. The systems could be either a mac or a windows as we use both. The publish button on studio will deploy the robot to Orchestrator if i understood correctly.

You said If you want to run your projects on a separate machine like an unattended robot, you have to setup a virtualmachine or remote computer first. What do you mean by this ? I assume you do not mean installing Studio on the new machine as well ? If not, what exactly do i have to install on the other systems ? If you can elaborate on that please.

I did find UIPath assistant and start it up.

Thank you


So i found the machines tab in the Shared folder,

I was also able to start the process using UIPath assistant, but the issue now is that it seems to be taking quite a long time to start,

On UIPath assistant it shows Waiting for execution to start …

It should not take 10 minutes. I checked firewall and all seems to be clear, so i am not sure if I am missing anything.

My machine type on Orchestrator shows as,

On attempting to execute the process from Orchestrator from Processes I do get the below error though,

I did try to get around this by following this, deploying unattended robots community License, but not entirely sure it applies to the version of uipath i have. I did complete the setup as described but the process still does not start.

The confusion here is on step 5,Connect the Robot to Orchestrator, where i have to use the machine key and then enter the license. The thing is i have already logged in using cloud.uipath.com so i am not sure if i am on the right path. I did try to add the new license key on uipath but i get an error saying it is an invalid license.