Uirobot.exe is missing in folder app-21.10.0


After latest upgrade app-21.10.0, I am unable to run uirobot.exe from command prompt. Please advice.

Folder C:\Users\xxxxxxxx\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-21.10.0 is empty.

Look in Program Files.

And this shouldn’t be in “Feedback/Robot” this should be in the Help section.

Feedback is where you ask for features, and things like that.

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Hi @Usman,

UiPath has moved this to : C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Programs\UiPath\Studio
This has been since 21.08 beta onwards (after the new way of updating community edition was launched).


A trick:
When you cannot find an exe path but have an application in your startmenu you can use right click on the application icon and use Open File Location. Usually this will open a Shortcut. Repeat the same (Open file location) then you will reach the reall path of the exe.


Thank you for the tip but I don’t see the uirobot.exe in my start menu.


Hi @Usman,

Yes. You won’t find UiRobot.exe in the start menu, but from previous knowledge you know that UiRobot.exe was in the same folder as Studio.exe. So you can right click on Studio icon in start menu and use Open file location, and repeat same when you see the shortcut of Studio in the file explorer window (open file location).

You will end up in a new location where UiPath has moved all their .exe files. As I show in the screenshot above. This approach can be used for any file / icon in Windows.

I am sure that Open Application activity also uses this programatically to get to the .exe path of an application.

When you have exes in environment / system path. For example an .exe is linked already in your environment / system path then you can use this command in CMD. For example python saves its exe location in environment variables / system variables. The command will then be


where python


In PowerShell

where.exe python

This works because of where.exe which is a built in executable in windows.

Another alternative


@Usman you have marked an incorrect solution in this thread.

UiRobot.exe is not located in Program Files. Atleast not if you are using Community Edition with auto-update (@postwick).


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