UiRobot error : UiPathRemoteDuplexContract/IsAlive cannot processed an the receiver

Hello guys,
I have some robots executing on my desktop. They were running good, but I have had the next mistake :

I have to reebot the UiPath robot sometimes for good process again. Although this appear each 3 days more or less. Do you know the cause? I had to reinstall the UiPath studio too, but I have the same error after days.

Thanks for your support

Hi @hperezmu

Any chance you are using the Community Edition set to download beta versions? This error is often related to the robot service not being properly restarted. This might happen if your Studio updated and is not ahead of the Robot service.

Next time it happens, you might try a simple computer restart first.

Thank you, I will triying this, because this error happened me in two computers. Another question, if I have a 3 robots playing on machine with UiRobot opened, Could the UiRobot or the robots execution lock the machine? After of three more or less days I can to see that the machine is complety lock, always I have to close the Robot to avoid this problem?

Thanks for your support

What do you mean that your machine gets completely locked after three days?

Yes, I dont sure if the UiRobot cause this lock, because it’s opened all the time for the 4 robots execution everydays.

Hello friend, I have had this issue always shut down the PC. When de PC is started I have had to reinstall UiPath to resolve this issue. Do you know another way that I can to consider to resolve this error?
Thank for your support.
Best Regards