UIRobot & Community Edition

Hi, I am new to UIPath and I am trying out the community edition. The first thing I am trying to do is simply get a password from the windows credential store. I am running my automation from the UIPath studio and it fails immediately as it says the UIRobot service is not running. Given that I am new and tinkering does the community edition include the ability to get a robot running on my local machine, or is there some other setup I need to follow etc. as I dont see the service running.

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Hi @brencanny,

Click on start button and type services. It will show list of services running in your PC and find uipath robot and start the service.

Hi, it’s not listed

Hi Brendan,

If you have installed the .exe, the Robot will not be listed in Services. In this case the Robot service is running under your user. Do you have this error no matter the workflow you’re running?

Hi. No I only got it for the first time with getcredential. Is it a permission issue?

It may be. Can you manually access the Windows Credential Manager with your user and Edit the credentials you want to retrieve?


I cannot reproduce it with CE 2017.1.6522 Win10. What’s your OS? Can you paste here the full error message?

Try running UiRobot.exe /tray from the install path and try again.
Search the forum for robot service is started and see if something there helps.