UiRobot appears as "Unlicensed"

Hello everybody!

I started the Ochestrator training this week and, after several tries, I still have not been able to get the UiRobot licensed and I gave up.

.-> Machine and robot instances are both created in the orchestrator.

.-> Machine key code given by the Orchestrator is introduced in the UiRobot as copy-paste.

.-> Robot username in the Orchestratior is a copy-paste of the result of whoami cmd command.

.-> Robot is declared as Attended Floating in the Orchestrator, as indicated in the tutorials (two licenses available for Attended robots, according to the Orchestrator).

.-> Robot is checked in the Manage menu of the Demo Environment. I tried to create a new not-default environment and check it there, but it seems that this is not the problem.

.-> The Orchestrator URL is “https://platform.uipath.com/”. I tried to add the name to the service to the URL and I tried different configurations of the URL/xxx/yyy, but nothing worked.

.-> I’ve seen in the forum that, according to the license model, “your robot gets licensed in Orchestrator only when you run a job or you have Robot tray\Studio opened”. I have had Studio opened during the whole process. I’ve tried to restart it several times, together with the Orchestrator and UiRobot, and in different sequences, but nothing worked.

.-> In the UiRobot, machine name appears automatically, and includes ONLY the ‘domain’ part of the domain/myusername returned by the whoami command. This value appears automatically in capital letters, and does not seem to be editable (I assume the UiRobot takes what it needs from the computer in which it is running). But it is not the complete domain/username.

.-> When I try to publish a Workflow from the Studio, trying to force the activation of the robot somehow, an error message appears indicating that “A robot with username ‘MYUSERNAME’ is not declared in the Orchestrator”. That ‘MYUSERNAME’ that appears in the error message is the same as the second part of the domain/myusername value returned by whoami command, but in capital letters (the whoami does not return capital letters).

If anyone could help me with this issue…

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Is machine name in your system and in the orchestrator are same
If possible can I have a screenshot of the machine name in your robot tray and the one mentioned in your orchestrator along the robot created in robot tab
Cheers @Alapecos

Your Orchestrator URL in robot tray should be something like platform.uipath.com/your_accont/your_service.

Please share a print screen of the Robot Orchestrator configuration and a print screen when you hoover the mouse pointer over the “unlicensed” status.

Hi @Alapecos

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Actually, I believe it’s just https://platform.uipath.com for the Robot Tray agent, the full path is not necessary.

I would advise you to share with us:

  1. Screenshot from your Orchestrator Machines tab
  2. Screenshot from your Orchestrator Robots tab
  3. Screenshot from the Licenses in both your Cloud account and Orchestrator (just to make sure Robot licences are assigned to your instance)
  4. Screenshot of the Robot Tray agent settings
  5. As mentioned by @alexandru, screenshot of the error that will display when hovering over the “Robot unlicensed” text.
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RobotLicenseFailed.pdf (924.4 KB)

Thank you very much everybody. Maybe this can put some light on the issue.

I am not sure about that thing about the licenses in both the “Cloud” and “Orchestrator”. I just found the licenses indicated in the Orchestrator; I am not sure what do you mean about the licenses in the “Cloud” sorry…

Looks like you have tried using attended floating. Any particular reason to go with this instead of standard attended ? For floating robots you must have Active Directory windows user.

Try again with standard machine + standard attended.


Thank you for your help, alexandru.

Tried using standard machine+robot. Unfortunately, same “unlicensed” result.

I started using floating robots because that was the configuration proposed at the beginning of the training course of Orchestrator.

If there is still something else that can be tried…

Thank you again, evertybody.