UiPth selectors are not reliable in other PC



Hi everyone,
As i have created a program through web recording, It is working fine in my system, But when i transfer the file to another system which also have Uipath , But the file is not running properly. As many selectors are not working.

When i open selectors in UiExplorer and attached to live element it started working. Does anyone have the proper solution to this. If i give provide .xmal file to someone else then again it would not work.


Are the operating systems different? i have seen some issues going between different OS, like Windows 7 to Windows Server 2012.
Also, check the Web Browser version; for example IE10 could be different than IE11.


I have checked each and everything , I have used chrome, Operating System and Chrome version is same.

But one what i have used in chrome is working but same .xaml file not working in other browser.
I didn’t understand this problem of uipath.


the selector of that browser will be in chrome.exe or u may have to attach it to live element.


please check screen resolution of both the systems


The web application credentials which you’re using during development… and which you’re using in different machine should have same access or rights.

You can observe difference between two selector and try to avoid IDX attributes from selector. this way it will work in both the system.


I have checked the resolution, but i didn’t understand why resolution can be a problem ?


Yes , The web credentials which i am using have same access and rights in both machines,

What is IDX attributes ?


The selector of browser is chrome, But what would be the proper solution for this , If i need to run the file in different machines ? Do i need to attach it to live in all machines.


launch uiexplorer in particular machine


Hi @omkarpatel - Please copy one of the selector which is not working in different machine and provide here for further understanding, also open it in uipath explorer and check what are the attributes available for that selector.

IDX is attribute, which UiPath adds to selector when it does not found any unique/specific attribute for particular element.


selectors do not work properly if resolution is change, as position of the uielement will change


Thaks for the suggestion, but i want the screen resolution not to be problem as many team members would use that and all have different machines, so the file should be working in all machines.
I have to think differently if resolution is a problem.


Thanks for your reply,
I see , As IDX is included with most of the selectors and I think this can be a problem as many salectors have only title so IDX is used with them , what you suggest to use.
There are many such selectors.
If there are few then i can change it but for many, please suggest some solutions to this.


I face this problem too. I havent yet been able to find a solution. It will be great if someone can suggest some permanent solution.


If you can upload the screenshot of the selectors on both systems you trying to run ,Then you may get required answer,For the browser application resolution is nothing to do .

Thank you