Uipathteam sharepoint - Get Children names

With Sharepoint Activities package(1.7.0), I want check all documents (folders & files) on my sharepoint. Thus I did this

He didn’t find any document but my sharepoint have 2 folders, help me please !

item URL : “https://XXX.sharepoint.com/sites/ProjetsRPA
My SP :


please try relative url like this

"/ProjectRPA/Documents" if documents name is different then please use appropriately


“File not found”


can you go to site settings and check the document library name please

it would generally be in url also…may be Shared Documents


URL : “/sites/ProjetsRPA/Documents%20partages/Forms/AllItems.aspx”
I change Documents by Documents partages, but i have same error message


try removing projectrpa as well and give only /Documents Partages and check please

if not just to check try with one folder inside /Documents Partages/Another Folder or /ProjectRPA/Documents Partages/Another Folder


Thanks it’s work with “/Documents Partages”

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