UiPathTeam.Sharepoint.Activities project asking to install a lot of dependencies

Studio/Robot version: 2018.4.4

I’m trying to install a process which is using UiPathTeam.Sharepoint.Activities.
The package is getting installed and the process is able to run fine, but there are a lot of errors in the Event viewer saying certain packages are not available.

I have installed all the necessary packages that are mentioned in the package dependencies,


but the robot is asking to install more and more packages,


I’m not sure if all these are required for the Sharepoint package to work.
The process is very simple without any other special package being used.

Please help as I’m unable to publish the process again and install again in the VM as the package installation is timing out with all these errors


@radu_bucur, @Diana_Mincu

Hi @kavyashreeh22,

This looks like a future version of the package that has not yet been fully tested and release. I know about the dependencies issue and we fixed it in our dev build
This happens because we included PNP which is a SharePoint Library that allows us to add some extra features, that is why the large number of dependencies exists.

Can you please download the version we currently have on go? That should work just fine and have only one dependency: https://go.uipath.com/component/sharepoint-custom-activities-package

If you need something that is part only of the new package, I can share the latest version that works correctly

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@radu_bucur, thanks for your reply,
I’m trying to use the go version now. i.e 1.3.0, I’m getting an error,

Sharepoint application scope: The ‘username’ argument is invalid.

This was earlier working in the version.
Can you please share the the working copy of this package or let me know how to resolve this issue in the existing version.

appreciate your help at the earliest as there is a go-live for this process.

@radu_bucur, nevermind,
I found the issue. It was expecting to give the Username with domain id.

It is working fine now.
Thanks for your timely help:)

@radu_bucur @Diana_Mincu

Dear both,

I have installed SharePoint package and it was working fine while running with uipath studio

Same thing was failing while running with orchestrator

Best Regards,
Naveen Chaganti

issue got resolved