UiPathRobot.js Now in Public Preview! (Get the SDK & Sample App now!)

Can you say step by step procedure …

Hi @motilal, in order to use the SDK it must be included on a hosted page - loading the HTML from your local file-system will not work for security reasons. For development/testing purposes I use the http-server npm package, but if you’re not using npm then you can pick whatever you’re comfortable with from this list of static server 1-liners.

So for me I would run the following from the root of the sample application:


And then I visit http://localhost:8080 in my browser.

For more info about how the SDK works, check out the Developer Guide.

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Hi @Nagarjuna_Karanam,

The UiPathRobot.js SDK doesn’t depend on an orchestrator connection to interact with the robot. It all happens locally on the end-users’ machine.

(from the Public Preview User Guide)

Once a users grants robot access for a domain/application, the SDK allows you to run any of the available processes from the robot (either published locally or distributed via Orchestrator).

If you’re looking to start jobs remotely I’d suggest you take a look at the Orchestrator APIs or the Orchestrator JavaScript library.


Loving the questions and engagement from the community here! This thread is getting a little cluttered, which will just make it hard for other users to find the right information in the future.

Please post new questions, issues, and feedback to the Robot JavaScript SDK section of the forum :rocket:

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