UiPathRobot.js - I have the localhost page running. But there is no reaction from page

I have been trying to get the embedded Robot sample app working, but I don’t seem to get any response from the page that is locally opened.

In other words, none of the Javascript is actually working.

cc: @evan.cohen

Has anyone tried this?




The path to the script in the Boiler plate application is obsolete. This line in the index.html file must be replaced with the one pointing to download.uipath.com

<script src="https://uipathrobot.azureedge.net/Latest/UiPathRobot.js"></script> (Obsolete!)
	<script src="https://download.uipath.com/js/1.2.1/UiPathRobot.js"></script> (Valid)

I do see that this works as long as I deploy the process to a traditional classic folder. :slight_smile:

However, if I deploy the same process to the My personal workspace modern folder it does not work. :open_mouth:

I don’t get it, because the JS is able to get a list of processes and it can see the process name just fine.

If I click the Invoke button, I am able to trigger the process, but obviously that is not very useful because I need to pass parameters to it.

But if I fill in the form and click on the submit button, there is an error on Line #41 of the app.js script that indicates that the start method is inaccessible.

Line #41 is:

That is most likely because this line fails to initialize the object named BrowserEmbeddingSample as the script is initializing. The find functio is not able to return a valid process object with name that contains ‘BrowserEmbeddingSample’.

Is there a latest version of this script that works with Modern folders? :thinking:
Or, is the call to the results.find(…) just too early in the initialization process? :thinking:

Kind attention: @evan.cohen

SOLVED for Modern folder deployments. Although this solution defies logic, it works when the boilerplate process is deployed to a Modern and a classic folder on two completely separate tenants.

Fix to app.js - This line changes to:

Modern Folder Test:


Classic Folder Test:

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