UiPathJavaBridgeV8.dll not loading with java application


I am trying to automate an java application. UiPath can’t tecognize induvidual elements in the application and asks me to install the Java extension. I did, but it still won’t recognize the elements in the application. I have checked that the extension is istalled, which it is. However when using the Process Explorer to investigate what “.dll”-files the applicationm loads the UiPathJavaBridgeV8.dll does not always appear, but it does sometimes.
The thing is this works on my laptop and on our test server, but does not work on our production server (which is, to my knowledge, similar to the test server).
This is extremely frustrating, especially after I have gone through every troubleshooting suggestion on this forum.
Suggestions on how to fix this would be extremely appreciated.

Java Version: Java 1.8.1
Studio Version: 2018.2.6
(Same version on test and production server)

Web application or desktop ?

The application is hosted on a server but opens in a separate window after navigating to the server url.

Hey Sigurd,

can you brief little more, how you are automating the same
try to use, Attach window activity in order to perform multiple actions on that window, it will work!!

if not let me know


What more information do you want me to provide?
UiPath cannot recognize the Java elements in the application. I know it is not the application because I have developed the automation on my laptop and tested it on our test server.

I tried using attach window. Nothing changed. It still cannot recognixe the individual elements…

like what activities you are using, are you using recorder? if you are using recorder,

“developed the automation on my laptop and tested it on our test server.”
it was working fine on your laptop?

I am using all types of activities, but that’s not the issue. The selector tree is not showing in UIExplorer. It behaves as if I didn’t install the Java Extension at all.
I developed the automation on my own laptop, and then tested it on a test-server. It was working fine, and the next step was to put it in production on our production-server. This is where UiPath cannot recognize the elements in the application.

@qateam @adrian

I just found the solution:
The pre-instalation “accessability.properties” file had moved itself to another location and was being used while running. We delted this file and it works. What a relief.



I have a similar issue. What is the path of the “accessability.properties” file.