Welcome to #UiPathForward American 2017.

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Thank you @ddpadil for sharing!

I’m currently based in Tokyo, Japan and as far as I’ve observed Japanese industries like finance and high-tech sectors, I totally agree with Mr. Dines and Hasegawa-san’s words on the incredible growth of RPA market especially happening in Japan.

It’s not only been just a buzzword but became more like a KEYWORD to correct the country’s long standing bad custom called サービス残業(sabisuzangyo: Complimentary overtime work) that most likely lead to insanely long working hours which is the main cause of the notorious 過労死(Karoshi: overwork death) cases.

Nowadays, a lot of my colleagues positively talk about RPA in the hope of freeing our employees up from tedious repetitive tasks and have them to focus on more exciting jobs to leverage human’s creativity that can ultimately increase the efficiency of the organization, its customer experience, employee’s satisfaction and the like.

I’m very excited to see how successful businesses will practice digital transformation for years ahead triggered by the fusion of advanced technologies among RPA, AI, Machine learning and etc.
I’m also happy to be part of this promising exponential growth in RPA market we are currently and continuously experiencing.

HJ Kim

Let me share the link of an article on so far the largest RPA project/journey embarked on by SMBC which is mentioned in #UiPathForward Americas 2017.

(Sorry, it’s written in Japanese btw;)

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