UiPathDeploy@2 - Process no longer updated to Latest

We are hosting an OnPrem Orch in a private Cloud.
We have recently upgraded Orch to 2021.10.4
We are using CI/CD to test, build and publish packages.
We are using the marketplace Add-in: UiPath Integration - Visual Studio Marketplace
Azure DevOps is using Basic Auth in the Service Connection

Our Task looks like this:
- task: UiPathDeploy@2
orchestratorConnection: OrchConnection
packagesPath: ‘$(Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory)\Input’
folderName: ${{ parameters.OrchFolder }}
entryPoints: ${{ parameters.entryPoints }}
environments: ${{ parameters.DevEnvironments }}
traceLevel: ‘Verbose’

The task #fails with:
Folder FeedId not supported with the current API version (13.0)

Task         : UiPath Deploy
Description  : Deploys a UiPath NuGet package onto UiPath Orchestrator.
Version      : 2.9.2547798
Author       : UiPath
Help         : 

Found tool in cache: uipcli 1.0.8136-25036 x64
C:\agent\_work\_tool\uipcli\1.0.8136-25036\x64\uipcli.exe run C:\agent\_work\_tasks\UiPathDeploy_72167370-9f1d-47d5-be00-6f2554c20001\2.9.2547798\DeployOptions.json

Deploying package <our_package> to tenant *** on https://<our_host>/...
Folder FeedId not supported with the current API version (13.0).

If we remove the “environments” parameter in the task, the upload works, but instead the package remains inactive (expected).

We need to get back to a state where the latest upload version is made active.
The check-box for “Activate Classic Folder” is enabled.
Tenant / Settings
Classic Folders (deprecated) => Activate Classic Folders

Hi @david.jonsson

For Enterprise issues, it is always nice to also check with our technical support via this form:

Thx @Maciej_Kujawa,

Yes, I’ve investigated this together with uiPath Support.
Our final conclusion was that processes created on 2020.10, but later upgrade to 2021.10, will not be able to updated using uiPathDeploy@2

If you instead re-create your process at 2021.10 - it works as expected.

Considering we have +40 process created on 2020-10, deleting them is not an option as we then would lose all triggers and historic logs.

Use the Orch API to find and update the package as an additional step in your build pipeline.
PowerShell workaround attached
PublishLatest.txt (3.6 KB)

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