UiPath working with Thin clients


I have a situation to work from my local machine and to connect 2 different application from 2 different VDI. Say for eg, I am accessing one Excel and getting one primary id. > Logging in to citrix and connecting to VDI 1 and opening one application (APP1) > giving that primary id and getting another excel associated with that. (let me store the contents in a DT) > have to login to another Citrix and connect to another VDI 2 and opening another application (APP2) > enter the contents of the excel from APP1 in to this application.

Apart from trying to access these application as thick clients, is there any other approach which we can do? as am not sure accessing the citrix machine (that too 2 machines and proceeding would be accurate).

Any help is appreciated. Thoughts are welcome.


Hi @Pradeep.Robot

Check this

and after that you can do the other operations like launching url and doing manipulations

Ashwin S

If you have the uipath citrix plug-in installed on your citrix server, then you can do this no problem. Keep in mind that you can’t go more than one deep. So you can’t use citrix within a citrix environment. You’d have to open multiple citrix sessions instead