UiPath working inside mainland China

Hey community,

I am going to visit a friend in Japan next week and will stay in Shanghai as a two-day layover this weekend. Can anyone confirm if UiPath is fully functioning in mainland China?? I used Chinese characters before, but never actually ran a UiPath workflow while being inside China. I would really appreciate an answer because in that case I basically can leave my laptop at home.

Btw I am using the free Community Version on the latest update!

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I don’t understand what is the connection b/w UiPath and Geography ? The UiPath installed in your laptop should work in any country, why there should be any problem in China ? If Windows works fine in China then UiPath also should work, unless you want to access some site which is blocked in China.

@ovi You are best to answer this… to @maurpalmenice

Thanks guys for the fast response.

I am studying at Tongji University have realized in many instances that clocks turn a little bit different in Mainland China. Many services and applications are blocked in China. I just wanted to make sure everything works out so I can give my professor a demo of the software and a self-designed process. I am there only for a short time and need to prepare something else if the demo crashes or something.:smiley:
On my mind was just that I don’t know if UiPath (community version) needs a connection to some sort of European or American server which might be blocked.

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So I am in China and UiPath works.
However, with or without VPN both inside Firefox and IE - the UiPath Academy does not work.
Really a bummer!

It always shows:
Please access the platform only from your PC, from a single browser and without opening multiple tabs of UiPath Academy at the same time.

We are experiencing an issue and your progress in the courses can be affected. Until the problem is solved, please consider the above.