UiPath workflows running in background

We are using Citrix to connect to the Virtual Machine where UiPath Front office robot resides. Recently we installed Windows Auto logon and scheduled a script for auto restart in the windows task scheduler. So, daily restart happens and VM gets logged in automatically through auto Logon and scheduled jobs get triggered on its own. This scenario was going on well for few days after which I encountered an issue wherein few process throwed exception. I felt the reason was due to OCR Screen scraping activity.

Please provide solution for this

The reason why we use these auto Logon and scripts because we manually login daily on to the VM and monitor the UiPath workflows else workflows wont pick up.

Hello @Divya01

Can you please share the following information:

  • What version of UiPath is installed
  • Is the robot connected to Orchestrator
  • What is the exact content of the exception (including stack if possible)



Version is 2016.2.6274

No we don’t have orchestrator. We schedule jobs in Task scheduler only.

Exception -
Production workflows(in try catch - designed in such a way that when the workflow encounters exception, it sends failure email to me) are going on in the VM. There’s no specific exception to mention. OCR Screen scraping activity is not happening properly. For example, read full text, click text activity…At these positions, exception is happening and i get failure e-mail


Try/catch activities, as their name suggest, are “catching” exceptions.
If you are receiving an email because an activity was caught, then it suggests that your workflow could rather easily send the content of the exception along with the email.
This sounds like workflow debugging, and while I cannot promise to be able to help the issue remotely, I can assure you that even in order to debug your own workflow, you will have much better luck if you can get a direct look at what exactly is failing (through the exception.message or exception.ToString for instance)

Yeah i will try this and come back … thankyou

Please note that

  • you are not allowed to (task) schedule front office bots
  • they are to be manually started by a human operator only
  • for back office bots windows task scheduler is not recommended nor supported
  • the recommended way to schedule (back office bots) is via Orchestrator