UiPath Workflow getting Stuck for 10 minutes

Workflow is getting stuck some times for approx. 10 minutes, after that is resumes, it is getting stuck after one particular point when we scrap terminal data.
in between workflow stuck if we open any Microsoft application then it is resuming or else it getting stuck for 10 minutes.
The workflow getting stuck once a while we are unable to identify issue.
we tried killing excel file also but it is not working.
Please help

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Welcome to uipath community
10 mins is quite higher
Is it mins or seconds
If that is 10 seconds then it’s fine while scrapping data from the application as even the default waiting of the uipath activity is 30 seconds

Else if it’s still 10 mins then we need to check whether there is any loop used along the process or any delay activity used or is it scrapping large data from the application…kindly share those details if any

Cheers @RahulShitole


Hello @RahulShitole

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Do agree with @Palaniyappan. It should not take that long unless there is a huge process running in the background or if there is a never ending kind of loop. Could you share the details of what is happening in the sections where it us taking a long time to execute?


@Palaniyappan we are getting terminal timeout exception, in Dev this was occurring once in while but in prod its occurring frequently.
it is having issue with terminal response and we are not able to figure out which configured time out it is considering, as for terminal activity we have configured 10000 MS.

Yeah there was an issue with Terminal connection waiting more than 10 minutes to continue. And it is happens in less frequently and hard to catch the issue.

We escalated to @loginerror in another thread as well. Waiting for his response.