UiPath Workflow getting Stuck for 10 minutes using IBM ehlapi

Hi All,

Currently I’m working with Mainframe application using IBM Ehlapi connection.Whenever i run the code, uipath struck in between the process and resuming after 5-10 mins. there is no specific area it is struck. it may struck in any screen(Back office) and resuming.

if anyone experienced this issue and found any solution.
please share

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Welcome back to uipath community
Kindly clear the temp files and other memory spaces so that if any memory issue causes this it can be rectified
Cheers @Mdshahul

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Thanks .

i have cleared all my junk files. still it is slow. any other work around or is it rely on bot density?

is it getting stuck while executing the same process when MANUALLY done on it
Cheers @Mdshahul

Hi Mdshahul,

Were you able to find any resolution for the issue.
Can you please tell which uipath terminal activities package version you are using.

Also, suggest if you have any inputs.

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