Uipath with Kafka Queues


Can anyone please suggest any [activities] or packages to communicate with kafka Queue

Shemanth Loka

Here I can warmly recommend Aiven for Kafka. Aiven is a cloud based provider that allows you to connect multiple databases at once. Aiven supports Kafka as well as many other popular databases like Cassandra or PostgreSQL.

I use Aiven to have an overview of my data. I don’t want any data chaos, that would not be good for our company.

Hi Shemath, are you able to integrate Kafka with Uipath. I am working on a use case to integrate Kafka with UiPath. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

@loka_shemanth, did you find a solution to communicate with kafka queue using UiPath? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

@UniversalBoss, did you find any solution for this?

Here is an activity for sending Message To Kafka, If you got any questions you can ask me about that. I have published to Marketplace You can use it for free!

Activity Link: Download_Link

Hi @morkoccanbaran
Thanks for the Kafka component. In my case the bot should authenticate with Kafka using certificate.pfx file along with certificate password. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated