UIPath with ALM

Hi Expert,

can we do integration with HP ALM and UIPath…If yes …please help me with steps

Just try installing the JAVA extension and check whether the Uipath studio recognizes the fields in the ALM application @Shri_Ganesha

can you be more specific in your question.
ALM (Application Life Cycle Management) is a test management tool for UFT.
There are several features and options for ALM. to integrate by using UiPath what part of ALM you wanted to utilize ?

Example: to show test results into ALM, you have an option in UiPath to generate HTML results report (code customize of workflow is required for this). Same results you can upload into ALM for reporting. alternatively, you can request for ALM database API and use the same API to report UiPath results. It will go directly into ALM server. But you need to work with ALM server admins in your organization for this.

Hope my inputs are useful.

I wanted to run the UIPath flow from ALM like UFT does it

It is a bad idea, however, I think you can’t run directly in ALM as UFT. you need ALM server side customization is required.
Please work with ALM server admins for the same in your organization.

can do that but what needs to be change to configure it…so that i can save UIPath flow in ALM

can we call UIPath flow outside the application

i am talking about UIpath workflow

suggestion please

suggestion please

Suggestion Please

@Shri_Ganesha, Please find out ALM APIs which will accept data from other sources.
Please use those APIs in UiPath and you can integrate both.
I have not tried but this will work for sure…
Good luck!

Did you get any answer for your question. Am facing similar issue.
Need your suggestions.