UiPath Windows Scheduler Issue

So, I am attempting to schedule a process via the Windows Scheduler so it can be run automatically.

The problem is that it runs fine when scheduled in advance, but not when triggered on demand. ie. Right click and select run.

The process is question is a simple test that launches a workflow interactively. That process then opens an IE window, type a term into the google search bar and OCR clicks “I’m Feeling Lucky”

Again, when scheduled in advance, the process will run – even if windows are left open. But when I try to run it on demand it just opens the IE window behind the scheduler and sits there, then errors out.

I have attempted to fix this by using the “Show Window” activity, and by sending a “Win-M” hotkey to minimise all open windows. no luck.

Does anyone have experience with this, or has seen something similar before?
I know Scheduler isn’t exactly supported by Uipath before, but I don’t think it’s deprecated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi @melkins91

Since it works when scheduled, the scheduler window may be blocking the activity. If not already set for your activities, you may want to change to simulate type/click. Another way would be to use the Activate activity and select the IE window to bring IE to the front at the beginning of your workflow…


Hey, thanks for the reply!

I have tried various methods to remove the scheduler window - the “Show Window” activity and sending a minimise command, but doesn’t seem to work

It also works when scheduled, but a window is left open, the problem almost seems to be specific to the run-on-demand

It’s not vital to be able to run it that way, but it is more convenient for testing, and frankly, it doesn’t seem to make sense, which is bugging me.

I checked the UiRobot cmd line args - is “–rdp” the new command for launching an interactive session?