UIPath will crash if data is more than 3 million records

Hello there,

I have a issue, where I want to import the data of more than 3 million, I am reading the data in chunks. However, once the data crosses 3 million mark, UI Path will crash sending the message, UI Path stopped working.

Please let me know if you have any solution for this.

Ajay Kumar R

hey @Ajay0248

How much Chunk size you are using?
Any sample? Available?


Hi @Ajay0248

Would it be possible that there are some left overs from previous chunks that you can take care of by resetting your variables to defaults?

Hi @loginerror
Yes, I have done that. However, load is way too much for the UI Path to handle, hence it is crashing. I am trying to take in data of 10 million from Oracle. I am able to extract till 3.4 million after that it is crashing.