Uipath waits automatic while application is bussy

Hi everyone,

I’m making an automation in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. There is an option called ‘Enhance Scans’, this converts a non-searchable PDF to a searchable one. With a few clicks I managed to let the robot start this process. Dependent of the amount of pages in the PDF this process takes between 1-15 minutes. So far so good. There is a specif screen that dissappear when the conversion is complete. I know when this screen disappears the conversion is successful so my thought was to let the robot check for this screen every 20 seconds. The problem is that during the conversion the robot don’t do anything. It looks like when Acrobat Pro is busy the robot waits. Also if I put a simple Log message that don’t have anything to do with Acrobat Pro the robot waits till the application is done processing. How can i know when the application is ready processing?

You can adjust this in the activity.
In properties of the activity under target, there is a field ‘WaitForReady’.
Maybe you can try ‘complete’ and the robot ‘knows’ on its own, when the task is completed?

I tried experimenting with the field ‘WaitForReady’ but it’s not working. If I manually start a conversion that takes between 5 and 7 minutes and I in the meantime start a simple process to get the value of a text field in the application, the robot start this process just the moment when the conversion is ready.