Uipath version for Development

Dear Team,

I have Uipath 17.1 version only available in Client network to proceed with development.
Is it possible proceed with older version of uipath for development ? and what are the impact will occur ?
And i could see the support has been stopped for this version from March-12-2019 .PFA.

Kindly provide your suggestions please


Welcome back to our uipath community.

Why can’t you update to latest version ? Is there any particular reason not to update studio ?

Hi Lakshman,

Latest version is not available in client software center portal .

Only 2017.1 version available…

2017.1 will have reframework ?

kindly provide your suggestions


Is it possible to copy software from other machine to this machine ?

No idea on this. Could you please go to process creating page and help me with screenshot. So that I can check and tell you whether REFramework template is available or not for this version.