UiPath version control, VSTS, change log

Hello all!

Compliance rules in our business state that we need to have easy code review, as the robots will have access to intense amount of secret data that a developer could get access to if he/she uploads a workflow that contains malicious code that haven’t been reviewed.
We really would like this review process to take 5-10 minuets for smaller changes, instead of having to go through every bit of the code to make sure there is no malicious code.

With that in mind we are currently working with trying to integrate our UiPath development with our VSTS system
We got it working, however we have problems with the usefulness of the change log.

As UiPath using a kind of XML structure for the code files, there is a lot of different metadata with each activity, and those change when you make small unimportant changes to the workflow files that doesn’t change the “core code” (like moving a sequence down 1 pixel ect…)

This shows (as it should) in the changelog in VSTS.
For smaller changes, it doesn’t matter as the reviewer easily can see both.
However for larger changes, the whole changelog will light up, making the feature very hard to use.

Have anyone had any experience with this, know a solution, or have a better way of reviewing code?
I wonder if there is some kind of filter feature i don’t know about that could filter in the log?

Any comments are welcome :slight_smile:


Above changes does not have any important changes, and is just obscuring real changes