UiPath Version 2019 Beta 331

I have implemented a bot on UiPath cersion 2019 Beta 331 (Latest version) which will perform Excel automation like reading the data from Excel, etc.,
Earlier It was working fine, but now, the bot is not able to perform any sort of Excel automation.
In output/debug section, it shows that the execution has started and bot doesn’t terminate the process or gives any error.

What might be the issue?
Can anyone help me to resolve it?

Take a backup of project.json file.
Delete project.json file and then try to open the Main.xaml with studio.

See if that works.

Karthik Byggari

Thanks @KarthikByggari :slight_smile:

I re-installed the UiPath version and restarted the system.
It is working perfectly now.
Didnt get what was the issue tho.

Riddhi Bhandari

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