UiPath version 2016.2.6274 : Workbook Read Range problem


Workbook read range activity

Current Behavior:

The workbook Read Range activity is throwing out an error when the range is left blank

Expected Behavior:

In Earlier versions, leaving the read range activity blank would mean the entire range is selected

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:


Select empty string to read entire work book sheet ,ex: “”

Even this is throwing out the same error. But the excel application scope read range is working with an empty range or empty strings (“”)

Even excel read range is not working now after upgrading excel activities. Can someone help me since all production codes are failing due to this behavior.

You can check this thread

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This is the same error I have been facing. The work around(/Jugaad) is to use the Excel application scope Read Range.

Is there a solution for this.

well it has been fixed with next version of that package release. you can update to latest Excel package from package manager :slight_smile:

I am getting the same error “Object reference not set to an instance” with 2016.2.6379 version.
I am using “UiPath.Excel.Activities.2.0.6361.22986” version of excel.

Update Excel package to version 2.0.6382.14545 then give it a try.

Hey Aksh,

Same thing is happening with 2.0.6382.14545 version too.