UiPath - Value does not fall within the expected range

Dear all,

just check if your selector appears like this:
<html title='ACME System 1*' />
<webctrl tag='BODY' />

If you see the second line as well
<webctrl tag='BODY' />
I would suggest to remove it and try it again.
It worked for me.

@UiPath: All of us would appreaciate an answer from your side.


Hi all,

I am suffering the same error trying to attach a window.

thanks, BR.

I get the same error on a simple Open Browser activity:

Wouldn’t it be nice if it told you WHICH value does not fall within the expected range?
At least it would give you a clue where to look

I am exactly getting the error as in above snapshot. Any ideas?

Hi @Kamal_Lamgade

Could you provide a sample project that throws this error together with your version of Studio and all activity packages (screenshot from the Package Manager will be best)?

We have the same issue Here @loginerror. I’ve submitted a support ticket with a test project showing the cases we tested. Ticket info:

Case # 00032715
Subject # Internet explorer automation failing since Studio 2018.3

Hi All, could you please share any work-around for this error “Value does not fall within expected range.”
I am facing this error for both IE-11 as well as Chrome browser/s.

Hi Team,

I am facing below issue, please help me out

An ExceptionDetail, likely created by IncludeExceptionDetailInFaults=true, whose value is:
System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range.
at UiPath.Core.Activities.ScopeActivity.EndExecute(NativeActivityContext context, IAsyncResult result)
at UiPath.Core.Activities.AsyncNativeActivity.BookmarkResumptionCallback(NativeActivityContext context, Bookmark bookmark, Object value)
at System.Activities.Runtime.BookmarkCallbackWrapper.Invoke(NativeActivityContext context, Bookmark bookmark, Object value)
at System.Activities.Runtime.BookmarkWorkItem.Execute(ActivityExecutor executor, BookmarkManager bookmarkManager)

I am getting the same error on Type into activity , please suggest if you have the resolutions

I had the same issue with the attach browser activity (using IE) after a lot of mucking around, I realised that I had to change the selector
from: wnd app=‘iexplore.exe’ cls=‘IEFrame’ title=‘SHA1 online - Internet Explorer’ /
to: html title=‘SHA1 online’ /

that is, instead of selecting the whole IE window as an element, I selected just the tab area.


It looks like Browser variable loses it’s Element property validness. I usually see this error when I call 2nd depth workflow, such as WF1 calls WF2 calls WF3 by passing a browser argument consequently for each workflow. In that case Element property of browser variable generates “Value doesn’t fall within expected Range” error.

Package versions are as following:
UiPath v. 18.1.4
UiPath.Core.Activities v. 18.1.6852.16425

A workaround for this is to reattach to browser and set Output parameter of attach browser to your variable

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Restart Your Chrome( using open Browser) or Restart Your UiPath studio


how I fix this ???

I had the same issue and i used SendWindowsMessage instead of SimulateClick. and it worked and i have know idea why

Can anyone help me out in this ?? while click activity is executing.
Click activity is executing individually, but while running the whole process/flow it throws an error

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Hi @2aozturk,
What do you mean by set the output to my variable?
Thank you for your help!

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In my case, I got this error message when the attach window activity found all windows that met the properties in the selector, which turned out to be more than one, and attempted to pass both window elements to the maximize window activity. I had to make sure either that only one window with the given properties was up on the screen or make the selector for the attach window more granular so it would only pick up one window.

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Thank you @Tino-Johannes_Luttge

It worked in my case.

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Experienced the error before, I tried “Indicate Element” from Selector Editor after I indicate it the first time. Also, putting a wildcard on the the html title. I am not sure whether this is the best practice, but it works find for me. image