Uipath Upgrading doubts

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We are upgrading UiPath studio, robot, orchestrator and Assistant to latest version.
My question will this upgrade affects already running bots in Production?

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Happy Automation.

Hi @Reddy_1 ,
No it wont affect the packages which are already uploaded before.

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Shubham Dutta

Thanks you

Hi @Reddy_1 ,
If you do not have any more queries please mark the answer as solution and close the thread.

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Shubham Dutta

Hi @Reddy_1 and @Shubham_Dutta,

In any case, I would advise you to take a back up of your packages, queue, triggers and process names, queue names, assets.

But why?

  1. Backup Packages will ensure that if the update fails you have your Nuget Packages
  2. Backup of Queue will ensure items which are uploaded and have some status (long running workflows) are available if things go bad
  3. Backup triggers, as these may be run at specific schedules and may use Cron scheduling
  4. Back up Process Name in each folder as these are the once used by logs to mention which process ran “ProcessName=XYZ”, This may be useful if you have a nonSQL index like Splunk or Kibana/Elastic search
  5. You do not want to forget what the queue was named if things go bad
  6. If you processes used assets then taking a backup of asset is also a good idea

Better be prepared for anything. Have an SQL friend beside you to help you extract these information from your existing database!

Wish you good luck with the upgrade.

Thankyou I will keep in mind… and Any pre and post requites?

Any pre and post requites?