UiPath unit test case execution without orchestrator for attendant bot


I am using UiPath studio to automate web applications projects. I have attendant bots without using orchestrator.

I have few questions regarding Unit test case writing,

  1. Is there any way to mock UiElement to perform UiOperations?
  2. How can I execute all Unit test cases in single click?

Hi @sams,

  1. No, UiElements cannot be mocked.
  2. There no way to achieve this using just the Studio. All the Test Cases can be executed one after the other only if you create a Test Set in Test Manager with these Test Cases in them.

Hope that helps !

Thanks & Regards,

@sams ,

Yes you can do that. you can create a component for UI and test it separately and then combine the component into BDD test case for testing

you can call the component into either of the structure like GIVEN-WHEN-THEN.

Once this is done, you can add test data from studio and then you can do a data driven testing from studio and you can see all the test result.