UiPath uninstalling automatically from VMs and AWS instance

Hi All,

I’m having a problem with UIPath uninstalling itself from VMs and AWS instances. I had to build a bot inside a VM to access a system for work that can only be accessed through a portal if our security software is not installed on the computer. After a certain amount of time, UiPath studio will uninstall from inside the VM. I thought this was an issue with our security software and policies, but I created an AWS instance with Windows Server 2016 yesterday and got UiPath installed on it and running. Today, when I logged in, it had uninstalled itself again. Has anyone had a similar problem or know a fix for this? Thanks!

That seems very strange if your IT department doesn’t have some software manager that might be monitoring and removing unauthorized applications.

I’ve setup UiPath Orchestrator, Robot, Studio on multiple Windows Version (Server 2016, 2019) and in multiple infrastructure environments (AWS, vCentre/VMWare, Nutanix, etc.) without issue.

Can check in the Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Applications. Filter for Source = MsiInstaller and refine for your timeframe and quick find for the product name and/or msi filename. Maybe this will give you a clue.