UiPath unable to find Image

I’m trying to export a report from propitiatory software that can export as csv, using Ui Path automation I’m able to export the report as csv, after saving the file, while I try to close the csv file, my particular version of excel has prompts 'want to save your change to file name ’ dialog box.

I tried to keep the file name constant, so that find Image activity can find particular image. I haven’t had success so far.

I tried tweaking ‘WaitForReady’ as ‘Complete’ instead of default ‘Interactive’; Image Accuracy from 0.8 to 0.1 as well.

I’d really appreciate any pointers to resolve this issue.

Hi @shaji28
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So are we trying to open the csv file after exporting them from a software application…
Fine if so
–kindly try with send hot key activity and use key as tab, use as many send hot key activity as needed until we reach the field or button we want to click
–then finally use a send hot key with key enter that would click on the current field
it is similar to how we navigate with keyboard instead of mouse

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries
Cheers @shaji28

@Palaniyappan - thank you for your time and response. It’s a very good suggestion. I thought of it, but what happens if dialog box doesn’t pop up. Like I mentioned this happens to earlier version of excel file where it prompts to save, even if no changes have been made.

What if excel is upgraded, like in latest version that dialog box doesn’t appear. will that not push my automation out of sync with send hot key command?

I’d still give it a try to your suggestion in the mean while.

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Fine put all the main process inside a try catch block

Fine put all the main process inside a try catch block
and if any exception occurs like if any popup occurs it will lead to a exception which will be handled by the catch block
there put the send hot key activities that can handle that popup
simple isn’t it…
Cheers @shaji28

Yep, sounds like a solution to my issue. Just wondering what will be the Exception Type, if a Dialog Box pops up? This might be fairly simple qn but I’m new to UiPath.

Thanks again.