UiPath.UiAutomation Package Version Overrides SAP Settings

Why is UiPath.UiAutomations Activities package version 20.10.6 overriding SAP settings and causing windows within SAP to generate as list format instead of ALV format?

Issue Description: UiPath.UiAutomations Activities package version 20.10.6 overrides SAP settings and cause Windows within SAP to generate as list format instead of ALV format.

Previous package version 19.11.1 does not cause this error in SAP. Versioning down the package is not an option due to activities within automation built failing when versioning down from 20.10.6 to 19.11.1


  • With UiAutomation version less than 19.12, on replication the SAP actions uses the user-interface and the SAP scripting. Due to this reason, it is possible to see screens the same as the way the human interacts with it.
  • With 19.12 version and above ( 20.10.6 considered as example) , UiPath is an SAP-certified Automation solution ensures all the actions are executed completely using the SAP Scripting ways meant specifically for automation purposes.

Because of the above reason, the Export controls behave differently in 19.12 and above as compared to previous versions. Note the export options provided with the current option are suggested as more reliable and stable by SAP itself.

UiPath.UiAutomation Package version causes the SAP export controls to mimic SAP scripting settings. Due to the changes that made internally to the package, the controls like Export window and others manifest differently in 19.12 and above as compared to lower versions, as it is invoked directly using the SAP API interface which is different than the way the controls are invoked when performed manually. Kindly note the latest way of automating are more stable and reliable as confirmed by SAP.

More details on the SAP certification can be found below

What is the recommended strategy to deal with this change of how the new UiAutomation package generates SAP windows, from an automation build stand point?
Consider an example scenario, if while developing, SAP windows are manually generated (as a human user would) and through development one version of the SAP window is generated. But then when the automation runs to test, the script version of SAP windows generate. Every small activity in SAP would need to be testing individually to confirm which type of SAP window would generate.
The recommendation is to try using “Desktop Recorder” feature to generate the selectors: