UiPath.UIAutomation Package not available in Library project

HI Folks,

I am creating one library project and I saw by default we have one 2 packages- 1 is system and other is web api.


I want the UiPath.UIAutomation and I am searching it in manage package but this package is not popping up. any idea?

or is it like we can not use this package in library project?

No it’s possible to use it within a library project. Also UiAutomation should normally be a default depenencies, so did you manually remove it first?

Try searching for UiAutomation - I can find it and install it - even in library projects:

However I believe it’s better to use only the needed dependencies in libraries, to keep it small and compact.

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@iamNairda, See it is not showing for me. Not sure why it is acting weird for me!!

Can you check your settings page in manage packages please:

Are the first 3 ones available and enabled? Official being the important one of course

I got the issue, Thanks. @iamNairda

It is due to I have selected the cross platform compatibility while creating the library. It should be windows or windows legacy.

Oh yeah I automatically assumed you’d be using VB, as that’s what most people are using.

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yeah @iamNairda.

I was also using the same until now but we had the internal team discussion so I tried that option.

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