Uipath.UiAutomation.Activities 23.2.0-preview error


I’m trying to put in prod my created package in studio. When I tried to open it, some package are missing. I tried to copy manually the nupkg in nuget folder but it’s the same issue. Any thoughts on how to solve the issue? Or is there any firewall issue that is blocking the library to download it? Thanks in advance.

what is the version of studio? is it compatible with your studio?

I’m using 2020.10.6 in my dev and same version in prod. In dev it’s working but in prod it’s not.

hi @Brylle_Genio_Tan
can you try to right click on packages in down of dependencies and click repair

Hi @Brylle_Genio_Tan

Just right click on one dependency and click on Repair Dependency

I tried to click repair dependency but it’s not working. The issue still the same

UiPath.uiautomation 23.2.0 not compatible with your version.
You need to use lower one which is compatible

You can use 21. series

Hi @Brylle_Genio_Tan

Check your firewall settings to make sure that the NuGet server is not blocked.
Update the package feed on your production machine.
Check the dependencies for your package and make sure that they are all installed.
Make sure that you are using the same version of UiPath Studio on your development and production machines.

Hope it helps!!

Hi, thanks for your comment. May I know how to check the firewall? Thank you!

Hi Raja, In dev I’m not facing this issue. There’s a certain activity that I need to use in 23.2.0 that is why I can’t downgrade it

Hi @Brylle_Genio_Tan

There is a repair in the dependency. Right click on the error dependency and select on repair the dependency, it will repair and reinstall it. It works for sure.

Hope it helps!!